Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gambling

Fun Gaming Hub is an online gaming website that is mainly designed for entertainment purposes only. Our goal is to give enjoyment and convenience to our players in any time and any where they want to play. However, some might take it in a wrong way and can lead to gambling addiction or any related issues. We care for our players and we want to create awareness on this important matter. Please consider this as a gentle reminder to all our players to be responsible on their playing behaviour and take each of our games in moderation..

What we can do?

If the players would feel that they can have or having gambling problems already, afraid and unsure if they can control it or not, they can always seek help and find their way out through contacting our friendly customer service as a preventive action. Our team will try to sort things out in the best way that we can. We are ready to assist our players round-the-clock (24/7) via Live Chat.